The “Big” Post.

Today is the last day of a year, and I honestly have so little to say that I don’t know if I should laugh or be frightened. I will try to avoid any New Year clichés that so skillfully slip into likewise posts. 

The Real World.

The past week was … It was a learning experience. I think it would’ve been one of the best weeks of my live, had I not been so overwhelmed. I visited Cape Town, which is like the New York City of South Africa.

Status Update

Dear Readers. I disappointed myself, I disappointed you and I disappointed my promise to make this blog The Winner. The one who made it. 2017 has not been the best year for me. Let’s cut the euphemisms – it was horrible.  This time, however, I won’t bore you with the details, because I feel like…

From back when things were better

A wise woman once told me to bleed my heart on paper. “Write what you fear most,” she had said. It took me a while to gather the courage to do this. To bleed ink. And ironically, as you will later find out, it was a boy who drove me to this. But not in…

A story I found from long ago

Summer dragged on like some terrible, mocking fire. While the whole world was at the beach, skateboarding, eating ice cream, being happy¸ I was inside. Reading, if it was a good day. Otherwise I would just sit and stare at the window, praying for the leaves to turn brown and eventually disappear.

Read ’till the End.

I’m back. I snapped and I’m back and maybe this is impulsive and it will my last post ever, but that is unimportant right now and I’m back. In the past few months my life has changed like you couldn’t believe. My parents got divorced after 7 years (you will recall this is not the…

You know what they say about pictures

You’ve all heard the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, for today’s #everydayinspiration, I am putting this to the test. With the help of Word’s nifty little word counter, I’ll be selecting an image from Unsplash and then writing a 1000 word (give or take a few) essay. You ready?

Here’s a list, y’all.

  Today I was prompted to compile a list, as part of the #everydayinspiration. Now while I am probably the #1 fan when it comes to making ToDo-Lists, (really, I even have an app), I could think of no list that you would actually want to read about (unless, of course, you want to know what…

A poem written in the deep of the night

I feel nothing. Is this what apathy is? Not even music stirring me? Not even alcohol numbing me? Wishing for anything, even pain, I am begging, screaming, aching. But yet I feel nothing.

Thoughts from a Fireplace

I thought long and hard about what the glowing splinters of wood made me feel. Usually it’s the flames that seem vicious but, when examined closely, it’s the glowing embers that clearly poses a threat. Physically, I can feel my cheeks matching the fireplace; they glow. I wish I had some additional sentimental story to…

Story Time + A possible writing career

I’ll admit it: I’ve neglected my challenges and my writing while away on the best weekend of my life (see Clarens Cleanse). But I’m back in my full glory and ready with another short story. This one is, as you can obviously tell, short. But I enjoyed writing it and I feel like the characters…

Clarens Cleanse Pt. 2

Okay so I didn’t get to hike, but I am quite fine with that. The morning started off with meditation on the porch. I was in awe of the sight in front of me, and if I ever thought that I had felt awe before, I was wrong. For the remainder of the morning I…